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Pizzaiolos for our newest Pizza adventure in Nordhavn and at Østerbro

Mere end 30 dage gammel, men stadig aktiv på jobudbyderens hjemmeside

Cofoco, København Ø

Pizzaiolos - look here

Cofoco is currently hiring staff for Corsa Pizza in Nordhavn and at Østerbro.

Our style is pizza napoletana - with high standards and with only the best products.

You are an experienced pizzaiolo, or a very fast learner - with at least some kitchen experience.

You must work well, both alone and in teams with others.

A passed hygiene course is required.

We offer an exciting and vibrant workplace, full time and a healthy work environment.

Looking very much forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards

Cofoco, Corsa Pizza

Everyone deserves a good meal. A meal that come together through the atmosphere of your surroundings, the people gathered around the table, the memories created while you are there and, not least, the food you enjoy. A meal created with respect for you and the ingredients on your plate, springing from a curiosity and love for the good meal.

We strive to create surroundings where you can feel at home. Surroundings that embraces you and yours, and allows you to create new desires and traditions. Cofoco was founded on the belief that the good meal should not be expensive. We wanted to create restaurants that made it possible to eat out often and present new kitchens that could offer new Copenhageners new experiences. We have done that since 2004, and the vision we will live in in the years to come.