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Indrykket: 14.10.2020

iHeadHunt, København

Join our team in Copenhagen or in Odense for a 4 day work week! Abtion is a creative technology company with over 10 years of history delivering of great products to clients. Abtion builds mobile apps, websites, and hardware projects with a purpose on daily basis. Our team is at the core of everything we do and what ultimately results in our ability to innovate with clients.


We’re looking for engineers who like innovative client/agency projects, and who write and maintain extensible, well-tested code that can be easily handed off to customers. You are a great fit because you are kind, enjoy dialogue, and have spent 5+ years as a developer in the .NET ecosystem and practice TDD. You have a solid understanding of some of our technologies, and have prior experience working with legacy code bases. You care about the end user of the product as much as the developer who will work on your code next. You don’t need to have a degree, or to have worked with all of our technologies before. If you’re skilled with .NET, and not with Cosmos DB, for example, that is ok. We are invested in people with motivation and have plenty of room for learning new things and experimenting to improve efficiencies.


As a senior software engineer, you will contribute to projects for clients from Maersk to Lego to Sennheiser. You’ll also be supporting our daily process and work: test-driving new features, pair programming, assisting our sales team to scope the work that is scheduled, collaborating with designers to produce mocks that are technically informed, mentoring junior engineers, and experimenting with new technologies.


Most often, you will see a complex backend or api and sometime it will be paired with a dynamic front end in react or vue. We also have some wordpress, php/laravel, python/django, and rails if those strike your fancy. We make extensive use of Ruby/Rails, C#/.NET, Javascript, AWS, Heroku, Docker, Postgres, Redis, CircleCI, New Relic, Rspec, and Jest. We also have some growing interest in infrastructure as code and DevSecOps.


We like to keep it as short as possible while also getting to know each other. We expect to spend about 16 hours on you, and you to spend 8 hours on us.

  1. Initial Meet – coffee or phone chat to see if there’s mutual interest
  2. Basic skills & Career desires – 1.5 hour pairing session or take home task and convers
  3. ation about your career
  4. Lunch & Coding – 3 hr morning or afternoon working with a real team
  5. Recap – exchange feedback with us

Your first 30 days

  • Learn the nuts and bolts of our business and your new project
  • Pair program with many members of the team to complete your first feature
  • Participate in a planning meeting and a retrospective for your project

Within 90 days

  • Participate in an scoping meeting to plan upcoming feature work
  • Test drive the implementation of a feature, guide it through CI and automated deployment
  • Pair with a designer to contribute to creation of visual mocks
  • Host a retrospective meeting for your team

Within 1 year you will

  • Direct a project & make foundational technology decisions for the team
  • Mentor junior engineers and contribute to our interviewing strategy
  • Collaborate with management to enable us to build tech strategy for the upcoming year

Abtion is an equal opportunity employer. Should you need anything during the application process, please let us know. We celebrate our inclusive work environment and welcome members of all backgrounds, perspectives, and abilities.


iHeadHunt is the recruitment partner, and you can contact Malthe Andersen on +45 60 88 21 26 to learn more. Alternatively, you can send us your CV to [email protected] with the tag subject line “Abtion”. Application not required.

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Vi har headhuntet bredt inden for stort set alle teknologier og platforme som fx: .Net, C#, C++, Java, PHP JavaScript, Oracle, Microsoft, Linux, SiteCore, Umbraco, iOS, Android, Xamarin.

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