Equipment responsible with strong data analysis skills for advanced production setup

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Equipment responsible with strong data analysis skills for advanced production setup

Do you possess a strong ability to simplify complexity? Do you have a profound knowledge of equipment-related processes in a regulated production setup and a strong curiosity towards high-tech manufacturing of life-changing pharmaceutical products? Then maybe you are readly to be responsible for our equipment, extracting useful data and transforming it into value-adding action, with all the personal and professional opportunities that go with it?

About the department

In the Novo Nordisk business area Biopharmaceuticals, we manufacture life-changing medicine for people living with haemophilia, hormonal disorders and other chronical diseases. In the future, we expect exciting new projects to come our way, as Novo Nordisk expands its market positions.

In the New Haemophilia Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (NHAPI) department you will be joining, our Equipment team is ready to welcome you and introduce you to all the many things we are proud of here. Here, you will have about 11 immediate colleagues, with mostly technical, engineering or scientific backgrounds. The production setup is quite complex, allowing for flexibility, but also adding to the potential for deviations. Balancing optimisations and cost-efficiency with safety and quality – without ever compromising our responsibility towards our patients and regulatory authorities – is a large part of our work here. We share tall ambitions, we are quite good at sharing the more challenging tasks and not least at having fun while we work.

The job

An important reason we are competitive – apart from the everyday effort from our dedicated and ambitious colleagues – is our ability to utilise the opportunities in technological developments. As we look into a future that demands more flexibility, larger scales, increased immediacy in corrections, shorter batch-changing times and much more, we need to always stay focused on optimising our equipment, strengthening our maintenance strategies and implementing the latest developments in relevant technologies.

This is where you will be contributing to our continious journey towards maintaining and developing our best-in-class equipment setup. You will be working with data extraction, analysis and optimisations for large parts of your day, and when you analyse the data you have structured, identified trends and opportunites and present it all to your stakeholders, is when you really begin to produce value with impact on a large and truly global organisation.

You will be joining well-established networks of supporters and specialists throughout a mature organisation, getting to work on ambitious projects with committed, technically curious colleagues eager to share their knowledge and learn from you. Full command of English is a must for this position; of Danish a clear advantage.

Overall, you will take part in moving us into a Industry 4.0 setup, where non-destructive in-place probing and correcting will allow a more data-oriented and predictive setup with new degrees of flexibility. When this new chapter is written, you will surely have contributed to the Novo Nordisk succes story.


You probably have a background within engineering, mechanics or data science. Maybe you have scientific background, maybe you have gained your analytic skills through years of working hands-on with equipment simliar to ours as a technician – and later gained an academic degree of relevance. Most importantly, you are professionally ready to take on the responsibility of extract data from a complex manufacruring setup and transform your findings into value with impact.

Further, you have the people skills to facilitate the cultural changes that may be needed to ensure the success of your initiatives. You present with ease with relevant visualisation tools, making your findings accessible to all levels of the organisations – from operators to management, and from the higest analytical levels all the way to the very hands-on, when this is needed.

We expect you to be able to back all you do with data, and if new data sources are needed, to ensure the best setup of these in an already complex landscape. Your SAP skills are second to none and the way you use tags, structures and reports will inspire your surroundings. Your structured approach allow you to keep track of all your many initiatives, and never miss a beat when your knowledge and skills are needed by a colleague – or when priorities change with very short notice.

We also expect you to have developed a very strong intuition when it comes to equipment and components – you are more than able to use your feel for the mechanics and then use data to either confirm or reject your hypothesis. This means that you probably have more than three years of experience with regulated production equipment, and know your way around GxP and similar quality systems.

Because of the collaborative nature of the job and the department as a whole, you will need your great communication skills to bridge potential professional or cultural distances in a truly global organisation. People will tell us that you tend to energise your surroundings and that you are great at getting people on board your projects, maybe because your arguments and good-humored nature are so persuasive. If you have a well-stocked LEAN tool box, this will definately allow you to succeed more quickly in this position.

Is is crucial for this position that you are able to lead collaborative conversations of a technical nature in English as well as in Danish.


Please feel free to call Jan Bergkvist Sørensen at +45 3077 5498, if you want to know more about the position.

If you wish to learn more about working at Novo Nordisk, here is a good place to begin:


27th November 2020

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