Innovative Microphone Engineer

Indrykket: 17.11.2020

Guldbrandsen & Lythje ApS, Aalborg

Would you like to develop the microphone technology of the future? Here is your chance! An international enterprise is looking for innovative engineers to create groundbreaking solutions within the field of microphone technology. Read the following.

The international enterprise is looking for innovative engineers to a team of experts within the field of advanced acoustics and audio solutions - to revolutionize and evolve techniques within the field of sound capturing. This is a unique opportunity for you, the engineer, who would like to work with disruptive solutions in the field of microphone technology, from innovative design to new challenging materials, as well as ingenious algorithms.

You will contribute to inventing and developing sound capturing solutions that gets refined and proven via prototyping. The position balances challenges, influence, ingenuity, salary, as well as future prospects in an appealing way. You will become part of our culture of entrepreneurship, informal atmosphere with the opportunity of professional sparring and idea evolvement.

Your Areas of Responsibility

You will be engaged in designing microphones intended for the consumer market and technical research on new microphones solutions. Important parameters will be (MEMS) high signal-to-noise ratio, large dynamic range and superdirectivity. In addition, you will also supervise and create innovativetechnologies, tests and verifications eventually targeted high-volume products.Your areas of responsibility will consist of:

  • Designing microphone membrane, such as the membrane material and manufacturing process.
  • Development of both MEMS and ECM microphones
  • Being responsible for the architectural design of the MEMS microphone array, also investigating or developing the advanced sound capturing algorithms.
  • Cooperating with top-level cooperation resources ensuring the leading acoustic technology competitiveness.
  • Scouting and developing novel technologies, tests and verifications for later implementation in high-volume products.

Your Qualifications

Expert within the field of microphone technology, being able to think innovatively and eager to work in contiguity with many internal as well as external interfaces. It is crucial that you are able to envision the entirety of a product as well as how the individual components connect and sum to an outstanding product. You are:

  • Good interpersonal and comfortable with managing several stakeholders and able to build productive connections.
  • Self driven, curious and motivated when working locally as well as internationally.
  • Proactive and comfortable influencing your own job function.

You will succeed if you thrive working in an innovative environment with a drive to challenging the limits of the future microphone technology.

Your Professional Experience

You need to be up to date on new innovations and have a passion for development. We imagine you contributing with the following qualifications:

  • Solid knowledge on fundamental acoustic technology.
  • Experience and acquaintance with the overall system design of the consumer microphone.
  • Experience and acquaintance with the multi-physical field simulation.
  • General knowledge of acoustic system design and algorithm development for sound capturing based on microphone arrays.
  • 8+ years of experience.

Additional Questions

As Guldbrandsen & Lythje Aps is handling the process of recruiting, do not hesitate to contact managing partner Lise Guldbrandsen on tel.: 20 67 67 57 or managing partner Dan Lythje on tel.: 93 84 84 49. You apply for this position via the link on your right in this job advertisement. CV and application must be in English.

We call for interviews continuously, so do not hesitate to apply.

Kontaktoplysninger Kontakt Dan Lythje på email [email protected] eller telefon 93848449, hvis du har yderligere spørgsmål.
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