Developer Internship

Indrykket: 9.10.2019

AutoUncle ApS, Århus

If you are a talented developer (front end and/or back end) with an awesome personality and a strong personal drive, this is the internship you have been waiting for!

The Internship

At AutoUncle we’re all about making hassle-free deals happen. As a developer Intern you'll be a part of our team in Aarhus, where you'll be working alongside a group of talented professionals that have spearheading the innovation of how cars are bought, sold and valuated in Europe. You'll also collaborate closely with our skilled development team in Cluj, Romania.

Much of what you can learn is up to you, your motivation and ambition, but some of the stuff you could learn and get experience with are:

  • Creating transparency and guide consumers to find the car of their dreams
  • Build tools and deliver insights to car dealers that help them run their business better
  • Build interfaces that offer hassle-free experiences for millions of consumers and car professionals (we’re on web, Android and iOS)
  • A/B testing and conversion optimisation through experiments
  • Improve on our scalable widgets that are integrated on thousands of websites
  • Expand our internal platform of tools that colleagues use to carry out their work

The Stack

Our current stack runs on Ruby on Rails, Coffeescript, SASS, React.js, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, Redis, Memcached, Sidekiq Enterprise, Dedicated servers + AWS and then some. We work using: Github, Slack, Trello, Honeybadger, Google Analytics, Sketch, Google Optimise, Semaphore (for automated testing) as well as a range of internally built monitoring and management systems. We work based on SCRUM and believe that the best products are built when front end and back end is in close collaboration.

The Internship Journey

Being a part of the development team at AutoUncle is unlike development work at most other companies. When you join AutoUncle, you sign up for a journey of building one of Europe’s biggest consumer services. The company is financially strong and operating fast. We have very few managers and expect new colleagues and Interns to get onboard with an eagerness to make a difference and grow themselves as part of the journey.

The Traction

AutoUncle has traction in 12 countries. The service is used by millions of people and customers are being onboarded at a fast pace. Throughout our eight years in the game we’ve built a strong codebase with advanced technology that you won’t find anywhere else. AutoUncle’s platform is still expanding and we attack new and ambitious challenges every day.

The You

You’re a very talented developer and you're studying either Software or Web Development, and done studying after your internship. We've a tradition of hiring our interns, and for the right candidate this would be the obvious option after the internship. It would be an advantage if you've played around with some of the elements in our tech-stack. You should be a fast learner with an ability to self-ignite and work closely with other talents. We are generally very data-driven when we solve problems, so a natural analytical mindset is a big advantage.

We want to see that you care about what you build, your colleagues and has a growth mindset.

Info and How to Apply

In your application, please include a few paragraphs where you tell us a bit about yourself and what interests you have in an Internship at AutoUncle. Besides that, we’re super curious to see what you’ve done before: code examples of study projects, interfaces you’ve built and perhaps responsibilities you have had in other projects. The more specific the better.

Application date: 10.11.12, but we're screening as applications as they come in.

Start date: 13.01.2019.

Compensation: Paid Internship (in order to get SU for foreign students), but bring your own kick-ass hardware!
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AutoUncle creates transparency by gathering and cleaning the jungle of adverts and valuates the market price of every car for sale.

The valuation is based on our algorithm called AutoScore that automatically scans every advert for up to a 100 different factual informations, which have an impact on the market price.

AutoUncle’s vision is to make the used car market transparent and attract more buyers and sellers.

AutoUncle’s ambition is to earn money by providing extra tools, insights and decision support to private as well as professional users.

Uncles give subjective advice… No more! The idea for AutoUncle came up because we wanted to develop an independent alternative for you who would otherwise be dependent on your old uncle’s advice.

AutoUncle is your independent guide to the best deals. AutoUncle’s guidance is based on huge amounts of empirical data and advanced statistics.