Jeg søger stilling indenfor Køkken og kantine/Café/Hotel i Midt-og Vestsjælland, Sydsjælland

JobsøgerID: 78307
I have experience in customer service area. I pursued individual activities related to assisting, host, manager, wedding service, organize various event.
I also have experience with General office procedures assurance , economics calculations , company and staff document management.
I have worked as a commercial manager and a kitchen assistant .
My motto is nothing is a problem, everything is an opportunity in our quest for 100% happy guest satisfaction.
My last position Assistance, Host, Jagt assistance, Cleaning assistance, working place “Søholt Gods” Frederik Lüttichau and Christel Lüttichau.
Im working at the moment at the Idrætshøjskolen Bosei position Kitchen assistant.
I am 34 years, creative, organized and responsible worker. I am communicative and demanding. Working with a smile.
I have a son who is one year old.
I am a positive, optimistic ir preserving person. I am open to innovation and like to experiment.
I complete all the tasks to the end.
I use English and Lithuanian every day. I can communicate in russian.

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