AutoUncle ApS (4 jobannoncer)

AutoUncle creates transparency by gathering and cleaning the jungle of adverts and valuates the market price of every car for sale.

The valuation is based on our algorithm called AutoScore that automatically scans every advert for up to a 100 different factual informations, which have an impact on the market price.

AutoUncle’s vision is to make the used car market transparent and attract more buyers and sellers.

AutoUncle’s ambition is to earn money by providing extra tools, insights and decision support to private as well as professional users.

Uncles give subjective advice… No more! The idea for AutoUncle came up because we wanted to develop an independent alternative for you who would otherwise be dependent on your old uncle’s advice.

AutoUncle is your independent guide to the best deals. AutoUncle’s guidance is based on huge amounts of empirical data and advanced statistics.