Nordisk Film A/S (2 jobannoncer)

Nordisk Film was founded in 1906 in Valby, just outside Copenhagen, by entrepreneur Ole Olsen and is one of the world’s first film companies. Nordisk Film still has its headquarters on the Valby lot where you will also find the world’s oldest still standing film studio building. 

Since our foundation we have created a raft of popular film successes and incubated many of the talents who have made their mark in both Denmark and internationally.

In 1992, Nordisk Film became part of Egmont, a Nordic media group, and has within recent years seen high growth rates. In just over five years our revenues have increased with nearly 40%, and our activities now span much wider than the film business that was our starting point. Today, Nordisk Film is among the leading entertainment companies in the Nordics involved in film and series production and distribution, cinemas, computer games, digital gifting and digital advertising.