Scientist, PhD in Health and Medical Sciences (Chemical BIology)

I am attracted by challenges and time-constrained product-oriented research projects. I am passionate about developing biotech solutions for current and future societal needs and I feel the need to create value daily, pushing projects forward with a mix of strategic clarity and educated bets, relying on my eclectic background to smoothen communication and collaboration among colleagues and teams.

I am a curious and rather geeky Italian who moved to Copenhagen in 2015 to create value in the
Medicon Valley. I value long-term professional relationships based on trust and integrity and
therefore have a heterogeneous network of professionals spanning from life science to arts, IT and
multimedia. My colleagues consider me “handy” and creative, and when the creativity cannot be
fully directed on my job, I indulge in photography or making horrible electronic music. Finally, I
firmly believe in “never panic! “ - even though it was quite hard that time, when the dogs left me on
a glacier during the polar night, running away with the sled and my girlfriend on top…