Local Truck Driver/Truck-Trailer Mechanic/Office Dispatch

Hello, Im looking for a job as a local truck driver or warehouse trailer parking / loading operator / dispatch planner / dispatch driver translator. I am looking for a job in transport industry because transport and logistics is all my life. Since I was a child I was around trucks and mechanic workshops, offices and traveled most of Europe countries. Driving, fixing cars, planning, fast thinking is stressful situations and achieving my goals are the things that are my strongest attributes which I have gain during my trucking life experience. Currently I live in Horsens and work in Vejle warehouse worki as a fork lift driver, but driving transport and logistics is the thing that I loved to do and I want to get back to it here In Denmark. My extra attributes are my language skills ( currently Enligsh, German, Polish, a bit Russian and Spanish, currently Learning Danish), High advanced computer skills, basic mechanic knowledge, flexibility, fast learner nice, polite and always open minded. I have a stable, full contract job now working as a warehouse operative and I amavere and respectful of the fact that the Danish transport industry is not fully open for those who dont speak Danish and I respect that, but I Moved to Denmark November last year, at March this year I moved here my wife and 1 year old son, and besides that I have achieved now my goals, I want to get back go what is my profession and pleasure at one time, transport and logistics, because learning the language is just a matter of time, and my experience and knowledge could be used by some company.